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The Problem with Comparison

The problem with comparison is this….

There’s almost always going to be someone “better.” Now don’t click away and think that this is going to be a negative blog because that isn’t my intention at all. But think about it for a second…..even if you are a professional athlete (the best of the best at what they do), there’s still probably someone better at their sport. Unless you are Roger Federer, Michael Jordan, or Simone Biles….but those are SUPER rare exceptions and even those people might not be considered “the best” in everyone’s eyes.

With the social media we are exposed to, it can lead people to constantly be comparing our own lives to the lives of someone else. And because people only post the highlights of their life on their social media page, it can lead us feeling pretty crummy about our own life. If we compare ourselves to others constantly, we are going to feel inferior. There will always be someone “prettier” “smarter” “more successful” “richer”….

But what if we stopped the comparing? I will tell you, it’s a lot easier said than done. I have gone through periods of my life where I unhealthily compared my life to others. I would look at pictures of other girls on Instagram and ask myself things like, “Why can’t I look like that?” Or if I saw people posting pictures with groups of friends I would tell myself things like “I wish I had that many friends. I’m just sitting at home in my pjs working on homework.” Something I find with different generations is people want to appear like the “perfect parent” or they have the “perfect life” and it can make parents who are just trying to make it through the day feeling inadequate. I would encourage you to remember this: Jesus made you exactly the way you were supposed to be. Ephesians 2:10 states “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Since hearing this Bible verse and reflecting on God’s plan for my life, I have realized many things but these four stuck with me:

1. Comparison isn’t going to get me anywhere. It’s only going to lead me to feel defeated.

2. God made me exactly the way I’m supposed to be and I AM his masterpiece. There may be girls that are prettier, smarter, funnier, etc. but they aren’t the same combination of things that make me who I am. They are their own masterpiece that is equally as beautiful, but a little different.

3. I care more about what God thinks of me than what society thinks of me.

4. I am happier when I am being my true authentic self and not trying to be the person I’m comparing myself to.

I hope that these words stick with you so that you can start appreciating the amazing person that God created you to be. YOU are truly a masterpiece that needs to be shown off in its true form, not as a copy of someone else.

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