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A letter to the tired educator...

This Saturday, I had the opportunity to talk to my 5K teacher on the phone. To this day, she is a role model and dear friend of mine. Her kind heart and passion for her students are some of the reasons that I decided to become a school psychologist. Along my journey from 4K to graduate school, I have met so many amazing people in the field of education. I want to start off by simply saying thank you. I also want to acknowledge the fact that 2020 is probably the most difficult time in the history of education, and I cannot even imagine how difficult your jobs currently are. So this letter is for you….

· You are truly superheroes. Between virtual learning, in-person learning, making sure your students are emotionally stable, making sure that you are taking care of your own families, AND taking care of yourself, you are truly doing more than superman did throughout his entire time as a superhero. Your hard work does not go unnoticed, even though sometimes it may feel like it does.

· You are the highlight of many students’ day. While some days it may seem like you are just trying to hold it together, know that every single thing you do makes a difference in the lives of the students that you work with. For some students, school is their safe space for 8 hours of the day. I know for me, it definitely was.

· You are an inspiration to so many. Almost all of my role models were people that I met during my school experience. And this is the case for most students. Whether you are a coach, professor, teacher, counselor, administrator, or any other position where you have devoted your life to helping students succeed, YOU are an inspiration. You are someone that somebody looks up to.

· What would we do without you? If Covid-19 has proved anything, it’s that we NEED educators. Students need someone to help them learn. They need someone to say to them, “everything is going to be okay and you got this!” You simply cannot replicate what a school does for its students through an online platform. Some may disagree, but I would fight for what you all do any day.

· THANK YOU. Thank you for the late nights working on lesson plans in both a virtual and in-person format. Thank you for lack of sleep because you were worrying about your students. Thank you to the administrators for making tough decisions for the greater good. Thank you to the counselors for addressing rising mental health concerns. Thank you to the coaches who are dealing with sports looking quite a bit different. And to anyone I forgot, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

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